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One-on-One Therapy Sessions

If you are struggling with self-destructive behaviors, negative habits, marriage problems or addiction, Lynn Turk LMSW CAADC can help. Based in Novi, Michigan, our clinical team specializes in and behavior patterns and the disease of addiction, with expertise combined with empathy and compassion. We offer behavioral, cognitive, psychotherapy, relapse prevention planning, referrals for Medical Assisted Treatment and couples counseling as means to help individuals reconcile their issues and work towards a long-term solution.


Replacing unhealthy coping skills is the goal of behavioral health. Psychotherapy aims to help clients understand the root of their subconscious thoughts that keep them stuck in negative patterns, and provide him or her with the coping and social skills necessary to deal with stress, unhealthy thoughts, and self-destructive behaviors. Sessions are conducted one-on-one with the counselor to ensure client's privacy and promote a safe environment. 

Cognitive Therapy

This is a short-term, goal-oriented form of psychotherapy treatment that takes a concrete approach to changing behaviors by changing thought patterns.  The basis of CBT is this; the same thing can happen to two different people on the same day and they can have totally different responses.  One person can be reactive, allowing others in their environments to dictate their moods and behaviors, while the other person can be active, having learned to use tools to keep themselves calm and determine their own emotions and behaviors.  Drawing from worksheets and discussions, our clinicians help you identify how to recognize negative behavior and thought patterns as well as triggers, diffuse them, and initiate positive responses to autoregulate one's own behavior.